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Women's Bible Study

Exciting Announcement: Join Our 7-Week Women's Bible Study on Prayer!

Dear Sisters in Christ,

I am thrilled to invite you to embark on a powerful journey of prayer and growth as we May we all draw closer to our loving Creator and experience His abundant blessings through this study.  launch our new Women's Bible Study on prayer!  Over the course of 7 weeks, we will delve deep into the transformative beauty and strength found in developing a vibrant prayer life.

In this study, join with six beloved Bible teachers who will help you study prayers in the Bible that can inspire your own. You’ll learn that God welcomes your praise and lament, your thanksgiving and intercession. You’ll see examples of how to pray when you’re alone and when you’re gathered with others. Above all, you’ll notice there’s no one right way to pray. As you draw near to God through prayer, you’ll find your faith strengthened and your heart united to Christ.

What to Expect:  Weekly insightful and thought-provoking lessons.  Interactive group discussions to foster community and shared understanding. Practical guidance on different prayer methods and techniques.  Personal testimonies from women who have experienced the power of prayer. Encouragement and support to deepen your faith journey.

Whether you are new to prayer or have been praying for years, this study is open to all women seeking a deeper connection with God. It is a safe space where we can learn from one another, grow together, and encourage each other along the way.

Mark your calendars for our first gathering on 19 May at 10AM. Don't forget to bring your favorite Bible and a heart that is eager to learn and be transformed! Feel free to invite your friends and family members who may also be interested in joining this enriching experience.

To register and receive more information about the study, please visit our church website or contact Pastor Peter at

We look forward to journeying alongside you as we discover the incredible power of prayer!

May we all draw closer to our loving Creator and experience His abundant blessings through this study. 

You're Invited

It is essential that we engage in fellowship with one another.  Church meetings bring us together to study the Word and pray for those in need, giving our support and comfort.  This communion with God and our fellow Christians is a strengthening experience that helps to bolster our faith.  I believe that this is a gathering that you would appreciate and we would very much love to share it with you.


If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to having you join us.


Yours in Christ,

Peter Ceccardi



Now, my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 2 Chronicles 6:40 (NIV)